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Panic Transmit 4

Panic Transmit 4

Operating System

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Panic Transmit 4 is a top MAC solution for transferring files to FTP/SFTP/Amazon S3. It is a necessary tool to manage files, back ups, keep copies of your website or application providing essential restoration capabilities. In case of website or application collapse, you will be able to restore every single bite of data up to the latest release.
This is the 4th edition of the software by Panic developer and it has got major improvements and new features which are as follows:

A completely new advanced turbo dual core engine for extra fast transmission of files and data to servers and back. The developer claims the 25x faster transmission than before.
Multi connecting transferring is an essential improvement for users sharing big batches of data. The application now reaches ultimate acceleration of data transferring.

A new option is an integrated transfers view ensuring better control of file transitions.
The major improvements have also touched upon the interface ensuring clearer and more intuitive and logic user interface and experience. The architecture and navigation of the software have been improved and simplified. From now on you do not need to have special knowledge or skills to manage your files, resources and data.

New progress bars ease the comprehension of the process. One of the bars shows the overall process while another one is dedicated to depict a current progress.
The Panic Transmit 4 has got a more user friendly dialogue windows guiding you through any possible process you need to perform in the software.

Another greatly improved issue is Panic Transmit 4 navigation. Now you can easily switch to the most used folders and locations choosing them from a dedicated panel. Improved linking of folders ensures seamless usage of target folders on both sides. The comprehension of what is going on in the software and of where you are is much improved by displaying a folder to which belongs a certain file.

Most of the upgrades of Panic Transmit 4 improve your efficiency when you work with the files.

Places option is another great feature new for Panic Transmit 4 and which was previously absent in older versions of the software. It enables you to create simple shortcuts of necessary folders or files by simply dragging and dropping a file or folder icon to the icon of a desired remote location.

Another useful enhancement of the Panic Transmit 4 is a fixed file browser. The file explorer was not fixed but replaced with a more powerful core considering all new features and opportunities which the new MAC OS X presents. File browsing in the Panic Transmit 4 seems to be much alike an explorer a ForkLift application presents. The new version of file browser enables you to view and manage remote and local. The files can be viewed organized by icons, by list, by columns, or in the Cover Flow mode.
The Panic Transmit 4 inherits the Quicklook file finder from MAC OS X. The option is activated with space button.

The Panic Transmit 4 application shows a small track in the menu bar. Clicking on it allows to connect to certain servers while the application itself can be not started yet. The servers in this case will be used as remote disks from which you can download necessary files as well as to which you can upload necessary folders and files.

To run Panic Transmit 4 successfully you will need MAC OS X 10.9 or later. The software offers a perfect way for organization of your workspace and management of your files. It will be of great use for freelancers and companies engaged in project development.


Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine

Up to 25x faster for small files

Multi-Connection Transfers

For faster batch transfers

Integrated Transfers View

FXP Support

For direct server-to-server xfer

Bandwidth Limiting

Completely Reimagined

Cleaner, cooler, cake-ier.

Tear-Off Tabs

Twin Progress Bar

See current and overall progress

Local-Local / Remote-Remote

Cover Flow

Image Thumbnail View

Disclosable List View

Quick Look

Custom Favorites Icons


One / Two Pane Switcher

Just one view if you want

Extra-Compact Minimum Size

Friendly File Sync

A nice, plain-English bubble talks you through the sync.

Compare via File Size

Path Bar Pro

Places Pop-Up

Jump to your most-used folders

Improved Folder Linking

Navigate both sides at once

Multi-Touch Navigation

3-finger swipe, back or forward

Show Folders Above Files

Advanced File Skipping

Skipping files is not just for sync anymore: set rules for anytime.

More Flexible Default Permissions

Advanced Server Preferences

Hard-core options now exposed

Continue on Errors

Easily Repeat Transfers

Right-click a transfer to re-do it

CloudFront Support

Deploy your files via CDN

Bucket Logging

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